Career opportunities 2019
Posted on Feb 7, 2019
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Career opportunities 2019
Europe, Hungary
uhinstitute cook
-55 136 347
“Job Placement through Training Program” This is an opportunity for you! Becoming a professional cook B/C requires no special experience, just your passion for the job, and creativity. Building your dream on the island of Cyprus won’t be so bad, because it feels like summer 340 days of the year, so what are you wait for? Take the first step leaving your own exquisite taste to the culinary world. LANITIS ENTERTAINMENT, in partnership with UHI bring to you this incredible opportunity. Complete our training program in just over 80 hours, and become a professional cook B/C, and be employed as soon as MARCH 2019! Become a cook (B/C) today, with the following benefits; - Social Insurance Policy - An accommodation offered by LANITIS Ent. - A GROSS salary package starts from€1100 per month - Paid overtime - Sick leave of 30 days, and an annual leave period of 24 days. - Travel expenses covered by LANITIS Ent. And more! Website:
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